SCCM Application Catalog

In Sccm 2012, there is a new role call  the Application Catalog, which provide a self-service portal from where users can install or request an application, view a history of requested applications, also it’s possible to managed his computer and his mobile device.


Before installing the site systems you’ll need to installed the prerequisites, which are;

  • IE
  • registered the
  • http activation feature from the WCF Activation (under .net Feature from windows 2008).

First you install the application catalog web service point, where you will define the web servive name, port to use, 80 is the default and you can change it or use 443 if needed. (If you use https, you must configure certificate before the site system)


The web service is responsable to synchronize the data between the web portal and database. 

after that, you need to install the application catalog website point, where you can configure IIS website, web application name, netbios name (which is use in the URL by the clients) and the ports, 80 is the default and you can change it or use 443 if needed.


In the application properties (in the application catalog tab) you can add or remove some language, add some information about the application, keyword, documentation , change ICON and more. So, this way you will populate the catalog and make it more intuitive and easy to use for the user. Noted, that the application must be deploy to a user collection


If you want to, you can force the user to ask for an approbation before he can install a application. To configure this, you must go to the application | deployment | deployment settings tab. Once you’ve done that. If the user try to install the application from the catalog it will be asked to wait for a approval. Then you should go to the software library | approval request, and approved the request.

the user can validate the status of his request from the catalog | My application request


To refresh the application catalog metadata, you have to go to the site | settings | site maintenance, and then edit the ‘Update Application Catalog Tables Properties’.  The Default setting is 3 minutes, but depending on the performance of your SQL server it could be more… Also you can manually start the task by mark the Run this synchronization task as soon as possible.

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