SCORCH – SCObjectGuid is not valid for the given criteria

Recently, we’ve been working on Service Manager performace optimization, and one of the change we’ve made (based on both technet and MMS 2013 recommendations; ) is to change the group caculation interval.

Since then, most of our service requests who contained runbook activities, have started to fail…with the error, “SCObjectGuid is not valid for the given criteria”.


So, after investigating a bit, I noticed that the user account defined in the SCORCH integration pack, is impacted by this setting…

Then based on my knowledge, I was facing two choices, either give administrator privileges to the SCSM account in SCORCH or configure a loop in the Runbook with the following value and that until the service request relationship change (in my case 10 minutes)

–          Loop Exist condition, does not match the pattern

–          value;  ^$ (check for null value)

So, If you want to check if you’re impacted by this behavior, you can look at the SR history and check when the relationship class changes happen vs. when the RB activity.




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