SCCM – Application Migration Failed Because of the Languages?

These days, I’m working on a SCCM migration which require to consolidate 5 ConfigMgr Sites into 1 Primary sites. So part of our transition plan, we want to shared the distribution points between our legacy environments and our new CM Site, then use the migration job to only migrate the objects that need to be migrated. Well So far nothing too complicated, but once we start the migration, we notice that some type of objects like application are failing…

So we look at the SMSProv.log and Migmctrl.log to check for any errors, but so far nothing to helpful (unkown error and 0/1 object returned);



So keeping working on the migration I start to think about what could be different between collections, packages and applications, as those are the 3 types of objects we have migrated so far.. and all the others are working well…

Having a closer look to the log files, I’ve noticed that the user context and preferred languages was set to English…


So I tried to remove all the other languages configure on the application that we are trying to migrate… then it works. So after removing the deployment type languages and Apps Catalog language the migration job work successfully…

I don’t know if this is something documented,as I haven’t been able to found anything related to this so far… but well now I need to work on a PowerShell script to do all the changes prior to the migration and reapplying the settings once the apps are migrated… Thx Microsoft.




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