SCCM – Build Active Directory Dashboard from CM Discovery

In this post I will show you how you can use informations from sccm discoveries to build a dashboard for Active Directory users states. This can be helpfull, for active directory auditing purpose or for identity management. Before you can proceed, you must have the sccm dashboard installed, a linked server in SQL, which points to one of your DC and a sccm users discoveries enable.

Ok so Here’s an overview of the dashboard;

Main dashboard view

sample of Detailled report

Now let’s move on with the steps

1- Go to your sccm dashboard site and from the edit mode,  Enter a Dataset Configuration name(UserAccountStates.xml) then configurre the data refresh rate, database Server Name\instance, database name (your sccm database name), time zone.

2- Copy/paste the following query; SQLQuery

3- Validate the query, then create a column charts named User Accounts status

4- From the data grid section, add a column for each of those who are available.

5- Repeat these steps for all the web parts you want to add in your dashboard, based on these queries

SQL Queries